We provide international tax advisory services worldwide, through our association with Kudos International.

Our services include:

  • Calculation of Zakat and tax
  • Preparation and filing of zakat, tax and VAT returns
  • Handling of assessment & appeal matters
  • Zakat, tax, VAT and other compliance
  • Advisory services

Whether your company is about to establish or expand in Saudi Arabia our dedicated team of tax professionals can help:

  • Decide which corporate structure makes the most sense from zakat and tax perspective
  • Choose the type of subsidiary capitalization that is most beneficial
  • Determine how a limited liability company (LLC) can help the company meet certain strategic objectives
  • Locate operations in jurisdictions that offer incentives.
  • Handling all matters from filing of Zakat and Tax returns till obtaining clearance certificate as well as Appeals.

You want tax advice you can count on, reliable counsel to guide you through complex and ever-changing tax rules. You want to pay your fair share, but never more than is necessary, using strategies aligned with your long-term business goals.

Every business wants to reduce taxes, but to do it correctly in compliance with tax regulations isn't always so simple. That's why we take a balanced and integrated approach. We focus on your total business picture. Our tax consultants help you define the right overall tax position, designed to save you money, while meeting your larger business goals and to be in compliant with tax Regulations.